03 August 2014

“Model and Jewellery - Timeless pieces by Simon Nygard”

“Model and Jewellery - Timeless pieces by Simon Nygard

 “Simonn Jewelry” is a contemporary jewelry brand, the founder - Simon Nygard himself is a Finnish model as well. Yes, two dream jobs come together. Such a perfect match, isn’t?

You don’t need more; a perfect accessory could definitely bring out the outfit. That’s exactly what Simon working on. With the clean but advanced style, “Simonn Jewelry” balances the uniqueness and “wear-ability” well through his design. Although most of the collections are designed with the clean and timeless style, the details and high quality materials literally light up the whole piece. I do like the black feather necklace; the little square attached along the necklace is way awesome!

As a professional model, Simon will occasionally wear his pieces as part of the outfit. A basic black tee just goes perfectly with his metal feather necklace. Well, it is definitely a win - win situation! Just can’t wait to see more on his new collection!

My favourite piece - Black Feather Square Necklace

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