06 October 2014

“Poems in the forest - Rhapsody in Forest”

 “Poems in the forest - Rhapsody in Forest”

“Rhapsody in Forest” is a London based independent fashion jewelry brand running by a young passionate designer. With the fantasy fairy tale concept and the spirit of beauty and perfection, the brand name – “Rhapsody in Forest” was born. As an independent brand, it is always harder to catch the eyeballs, but they did it beautifully.

“Rhapsody in Forest” was one of the exhibitors of “Designersblock at London Design Festival 14”. The new collection is totally a blend of surprises, the mixture of materials, unique geometric forms and the contrast usage of color together with the high handcrafted standard – is just way stunning. Literally you don’t need a pair of them, one is attractive enough. Yes as a piece of jewelry this is such an unusual combination, but it turns out an eye-catching design.

Collaboration with Chinese fashion designer, Renli Su brought “Rhapsody in Forest” to its higher level - Explore to the fashion week. We are waiting for their next collaboration and show off the master handcrafted design. So, what’s next? Men’s jewelry please!

Poems in the forest - Rhapsody in Forest”

“Rhapsody in Forest” 是由一位年輕設計師創立的珠寶品牌,現以倫敦為基地。品牌背後如詩般的慨念,追求完美與美感的精靈在森林中生活著⋯⋯“Rhapsody in Forest”的名字就是這樣得來。作為獨立品牌,要在大眾中讓人認識從來不易,但他們做到了。

“Rhapsody in Forest”是今年“Designersblock at London Design Festival 14”的參展成員之一。品牌新的系列處處充滿著驚喜,不同物料的運用、獨特的外形、用色再加上細膩的手工⋯⋯ 只能吸引眼球程度爆燈。而你只需要一隻便能成為眾人焦點!設計雖是有點不平凡,但所有完素配合起來卻拾到好處。

與時裝設計師Renli Su的合作將“Rhapsody in Forest”帶到另一更高的層次,在Fashion week中曝光,讓更多人認識到此牌。我們期待“Rhapsody in Forest”與更多品牌乘聯之餘,亦期望他們會推出男裝系列!