31 January 2015

"Choccywoccydoodah; the best ever"

"Choccywoccydoodah; the best ever"

Originally from Brighton, you could find the best hot chocolate in the capital – Choccywoccydoodah. There are only two branches across the UK; one in Brighton, the other one located at heart of London, Carnaby Street.

Choccywoccydoodah is more than a traditional chocolate shop; I would rather say a fantasy art deco shop instead. Once you entered the shop, your eyeballs will literately be attracted by the chocolate masterpieces in a second. Together with the tempted coco smell, you just can’t get rid of it. Upstairs is the gem of the shop. A little cozy café which full of relaxing vibe, time would probably run slower here. If you have no idea what to pick as a first comer; the hot chocolate is your choice then. This signature drink comes with white, milk and dark chocolate 3 different favors. Every cup serves with marshmallows, chocolate sticks and cream with top of coco powder. I personally prefer the dark chocolate; you would taste the true rich favor of coco. If you are not full enough, try the cakes they made! Then you will figure it out why people keep pop in even there’s line outside.


Choccywoccydoodah全英國暫時只有兩家分店,一家在Brighton,另一家坐立位於倫敦市中心的Carnaby Street。位於店鋪二樓的Café 絕對是不可錯過的瑰寶。這個佔地不是太大的Café,但卻滿滿地充斥著輕鬆的氣氛。要數必試的,毫無疑問是熱朱古力!這款著名的熱飲有白朱古力,牛奶及黑朱古力共三個選擇,每杯都有綿花糖,朱古力棒,及灑滿朱古力粉的忌廉。個人最愛的是黑朱古力,濃香的可可味,滿香噗鼻。如果還想點一些吃的,可以嘗試他們的蛋糕。正所謂一試便知龍與鳳,長期的排隊,並非浪得虛名的。

19 January 2015

“Neon in London”

 “Neon in London

“Lights Of Soho” is a pop up gallery from 25th November 2014 to 18th January 2015 at Brewer Street, London. 

The best medium of light work from all over the world gathered together in Soho to show off the magic of lights. Mixed of materials were used in the pieces and filled up the 2 levels of gallery. The designs in the basement would definitely amaze youFrom Mickey Mouse, posters, card games to coffin, you could never expect what you were seeing with the neon. 

Expect the unexpected. London is a city that we love.