30 August 2014



A pop up store for London based fashion, jewelry and accessories designers – OFF STRAND is now opening from 26th – 31st August 10am – 7pm at Shoreditch! OFF STRAND Vol.3 returns with the remarkable succeed from the first 2 in London and The Netherlands. 

OFF STRAND brings the designers to the door of success. It provides a platform for the young designers to show the world what they are creating. Besides, it also lets the visitors to buy the new collections before they hit the stores.

28th August was the press release day for the designers to show off their new collections. With the 2 best buddies - wine and music, everything just went very well. The venue’s location (The Aubin Cinema at Shoreditch) was picked amazingly! Big area doesn’t mean the best; this cozy cinema and its open area are just perfect as a creative pop up store. The drinking section at the basement was crowded with people. This is the way to chill with friends. Meanwhile, the lighting, pops and decoration made the store perfectly completed.

I can’t wait for the OFF STRAND VOL.4!


OFF STRAND是一個期間限定的項目,為主要以倫敦為據點的時裝、手飾、配飾設計師提供一個與外間接觸的好機會。經過第一,二次的成功,OFF STRAND的第三回,載譽歸來倫敦,826-31日,早上10時至下午7時,在東倫敦的Shoreditch

828日的OFF STRAND是各設計師發佈新系列的日子。酒與音樂永遠最能夠帶出氣氛。而場地本身選址亦不錯,The Aubin Cinema是一個十分有個性的地方,用以給予一些創意單位作租用是一個不錯的點子。地下一層的酒水部份,則為到來的三五知己提供一個吹水的好機會!提得一提的是場地的燈光、道具與裝飾都令這次的OFF STRAND更為完美。

現在已經急不及待地期待著OFF STRAND的第四回!

19 August 2014



London is getting cold; it’s time for leggings! Today I am putting on the leggings from Blitz, Bricklane, oversized denim shirt from Topman and a vintage leather jacket from JJ market, Bangkok. At last, my favorite bit of a daily outfit – Backpad from ASOS. 

只是8月,倫敦已經涼風陣陣⋯⋯Leggings是時候出動啦!今天穿上購自BricklaneBlitz leggings, Topmanoversized牛仔恤衫及從泰國翟道翟市集入手的古著皮褸。還有不少得個人最愛的  來自ASOS的背包。

11 August 2014

"ASOS x American Apparel"

ASOS x American Apparel

ASOS has teamed up with American Apparel for a collaboration of 19 menswear pieces. From T-shirt, hoodie to jacket, you could find out what an outfit needs. As an exclusive offer, AA shows its power of playing around with the basic tee. A simple and clean 2 color blocks T-shirt is definitely a must have item. “American Apparel Raglan Top With Mesh Sleeve” is another outstanding piece; the oversized cutting and mesh sleeves are just way too cool. It goes great with skinny jeans or leggings.

And yeah, the collection is now available on ASOS!

ASOS x American Apparel

ASOS American Apparel乘聯推出了新項目,一共19件的男裝單品,由American Apparel ASOS獨家提供。你可以找到T-shirt、衛衣及外套等等。這次AA依然發揮其耍家的T-shirt玩法,撞色的T-shirt簡單得來,又不失型格。另外一件定必入手的是 American Apparel Raglan Top With Mesh Sleeve”,那oversized剪裁及手袖的網狀布料設計,都為T-shirt帶來了驚喜,配窄身褲或Leggings都無得輸。


10 August 2014

“Bread & Butter Berlin 2014 – Vol.02, Esclusivi”

Bread & Butter Berlin 2014 – Vol.02, Esclusivi”

Okay, back to Bread & Butter Berlin (BBB). An independent Hong Kong based menswear brand – Esclusivi (Found in 2008 by 2 youngsters who work in creative industries) was one of the exhibitors. Yes, it was the only brand from Hong Kong!

Setting up a booth with the limited budget and only manpower of 3 is not a piece of cake, but they made it beautifully. Once again, you couldn’t look down the potential power of an independent brand. Actions speak louder than words; they did their best to show the world. Well, a simple and clean booth in white worked out the best with punches of collections. Esclusivi brought their collections along from Hong Kong to Berlin. You could find t-shirts, pullovers, leather bikers to bumper jackets. Yes, a year round collections were there. Latest trend like

No matter how would the result be, they have already stepped to the door of success. All the best to them!

Bread & Butter Berlin 2014 – Vol.02, Esclusivi”

回柏林的Bread & Butter Berlin (BBB),這個時裝界的盛事有一個來自香港的男裝品牌參與- Esclusivi,這個品牌,由2名從事設計行業的年輕人於2008年創立

在有限的資源及人力的情況下,他們發揮了無限的小宇宙, 除了一手一地建立了自己的攤位外,還親自運送自己的設計(所有衣服加在一起,其實真的很重⋯⋯)看見攤位坐立於會場中,那時的感動之心直線湧上心頭,真的很佩服他們的毅力。在簡潔的白色攤位襯托下,衣裳都十分搶眼。Esclusivi 從香港空運了他們的創意,你可以找到Tee,衛衣,皮褸等。無錯,全年四季的衣服都在那裡   大曬冷!

無論這次trade show的結果如何,他們已經踏出了成功的一步。希望他們會繼續發熱發亮!

All about Esclusivi.

03 August 2014

“Model and Jewellery - Timeless pieces by Simon Nygard”

“Model and Jewellery - Timeless pieces by Simon Nygard

 “Simonn Jewelry” is a contemporary jewelry brand, the founder - Simon Nygard himself is a Finnish model as well. Yes, two dream jobs come together. Such a perfect match, isn’t?

You don’t need more; a perfect accessory could definitely bring out the outfit. That’s exactly what Simon working on. With the clean but advanced style, “Simonn Jewelry” balances the uniqueness and “wear-ability” well through his design. Although most of the collections are designed with the clean and timeless style, the details and high quality materials literally light up the whole piece. I do like the black feather necklace; the little square attached along the necklace is way awesome!

As a professional model, Simon will occasionally wear his pieces as part of the outfit. A basic black tee just goes perfectly with his metal feather necklace. Well, it is definitely a win - win situation! Just can’t wait to see more on his new collection!

My favourite piece - Black Feather Square Necklace