11 August 2014

"ASOS x American Apparel"

ASOS x American Apparel

ASOS has teamed up with American Apparel for a collaboration of 19 menswear pieces. From T-shirt, hoodie to jacket, you could find out what an outfit needs. As an exclusive offer, AA shows its power of playing around with the basic tee. A simple and clean 2 color blocks T-shirt is definitely a must have item. “American Apparel Raglan Top With Mesh Sleeve” is another outstanding piece; the oversized cutting and mesh sleeves are just way too cool. It goes great with skinny jeans or leggings.

And yeah, the collection is now available on ASOS!

ASOS x American Apparel

ASOS American Apparel乘聯推出了新項目,一共19件的男裝單品,由American Apparel ASOS獨家提供。你可以找到T-shirt、衛衣及外套等等。這次AA依然發揮其耍家的T-shirt玩法,撞色的T-shirt簡單得來,又不失型格。另外一件定必入手的是 American Apparel Raglan Top With Mesh Sleeve”,那oversized剪裁及手袖的網狀布料設計,都為T-shirt帶來了驚喜,配窄身褲或Leggings都無得輸。


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