10 August 2014

“Bread & Butter Berlin 2014 – Vol.02, Esclusivi”

Bread & Butter Berlin 2014 – Vol.02, Esclusivi”

Okay, back to Bread & Butter Berlin (BBB). An independent Hong Kong based menswear brand – Esclusivi (Found in 2008 by 2 youngsters who work in creative industries) was one of the exhibitors. Yes, it was the only brand from Hong Kong!

Setting up a booth with the limited budget and only manpower of 3 is not a piece of cake, but they made it beautifully. Once again, you couldn’t look down the potential power of an independent brand. Actions speak louder than words; they did their best to show the world. Well, a simple and clean booth in white worked out the best with punches of collections. Esclusivi brought their collections along from Hong Kong to Berlin. You could find t-shirts, pullovers, leather bikers to bumper jackets. Yes, a year round collections were there. Latest trend like

No matter how would the result be, they have already stepped to the door of success. All the best to them!

Bread & Butter Berlin 2014 – Vol.02, Esclusivi”

回柏林的Bread & Butter Berlin (BBB),這個時裝界的盛事有一個來自香港的男裝品牌參與- Esclusivi,這個品牌,由2名從事設計行業的年輕人於2008年創立

在有限的資源及人力的情況下,他們發揮了無限的小宇宙, 除了一手一地建立了自己的攤位外,還親自運送自己的設計(所有衣服加在一起,其實真的很重⋯⋯)看見攤位坐立於會場中,那時的感動之心直線湧上心頭,真的很佩服他們的毅力。在簡潔的白色攤位襯托下,衣裳都十分搶眼。Esclusivi 從香港空運了他們的創意,你可以找到Tee,衛衣,皮褸等。無錯,全年四季的衣服都在那裡   大曬冷!

無論這次trade show的結果如何,他們已經踏出了成功的一步。希望他們會繼續發熱發亮!

All about Esclusivi.

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