28 July 2014

“Bread & Butter Berlin 2014 – Vol.01”

Bread & Butter Berlin 2014 – Vol.01”

Bread & Butter is one of the biggest events in the fashion world. It was originally founded in 2001. Bread & Butter Berlin 2014 was held on the 8 - 10th July 2014. Yeah, it was just passed, but I still couldn’t forget what I had seen over there, it’s wicked!

Bread & Butter Berlin (BBB), it’s a fashion tradeshow that opens the door of fashion world to the public and buyers. From those names we known to some independent running labels, fashion brands from allover the world came to Berlin and knocked the door of success. The venue was a former airport, so how spacious there you could imagine. The 4 big halls in the venue have been filled up with different brands and visitors. The World cup this year has evolved BBB to a special one when compared with the previous. With the concept of fiesta, BBB is not only a tradeshow, but also a party! Could you imagine that there were: man – made beach, pool, bowling alley and many other fantastic pop – up facilities!

Stay tuned for more BBB’s news.

Bread & Butter Berlin 2014 – Vol.01

源自2001年的Bread & Butter fashion tradeshow是每年fashion 界的盛事, 今年Bread & Butter Berlin 2014,在7810日德國的柏林舉行,雖然已經完滿結束,但當天看到的、遇到的仍然歷歷在目,皆因實在太精彩了!

Bread & Butter Berlin (BBB)是一個開放給大眾與時裝買手的展覽,從我們熟悉的,到一些獨立品牌,來自世界各地的參展商都聚集於柏林。為的就是在時裝市場上分一杯羹。BBB場地的前身是一個機場,你可以想像那裡有多大吧!4個極大的展覽廳組成了BBB的主體,當天整個場地放滿的除了是參展商外,還有源源不的訪客。此外適逢今年是世界杯年,BBB都配合了森巴派對的主題,部分露天的場地特設了人造沙灘、泳池、保齡球賽道等一些讓人看到就興奮的設施!

待續 - 更多關於BBB的分享啊。

"The big hall inside the venue"

"Wicked! Beach!"

"Bread & Butter Berlin 2014"

20 July 2014

“Second life implanter - The FARA Workshop”

“Second life implanter - The FARA Workshop”

“The FARA Workshop” is one of the most impressive shops that I have ever been in London. Not only because of what they sell, but the concept behind apparently lights up the entire store. As an independent store, it did a really good job on maintaining its uniqueness. The warm welcoming staffs there impressed me meanwhile the items they sold literally drew my attention after I stepped into the shop!

Transforming the donated fabric/clothes into new pieces is the mission of “The FARA Workshop”. The fabulous designers in the shop have implanted the second life into all pieces; you could find the high quality unique items like: a tote bag that made with contrast materials and the simple but not roughly made tops. I would say the style of the items is relatively timeless; you could probably wear season by season. Besides, the production workshop was just located at the shop’s corner. During browsing in the shop, you might see the transformation of the items if you are lucky; this is one of the reasons why I like “The FARA Workshop”. They just love to share what they do, how wicked! Aren’t they?

28-32 Pentonville Road
N1 9HJ

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 19:00
Sat - Sun: 10:00 - 18:00

"第二生命 - The FARA Workshop"

“The FARA Workshop” 是我在倫敦其中一家最愛的店鋪。愛的不只因為她們特別的品,還有品牌背後的營運慨念。作為一間獨立營運的店鋪,她們清晰地保持了自己的獨特性。一踏進店,吸引眼球的除了是陳列整齊的貨品外,還有十分友善的店員,大愛!

“The FARA Workshop”的經營理念就是將從捐贈得到的舊衫舊布,轉換成新的品。店的設計師們將第二生命注入每件品中,他們的用心可從其中的細緻位感受到。店品設計獨特,走的主要是耐看的風格,例如一些玩物料的環保袋,簡單但不粗制濫造的上衣等等。此外,店內另一大特色就是開放式的制衣工作間,的開放是它的位置 坐立於店的一角!當你在店游走時,不定可以看到衣飾的制作過程呢。如此樂於分享的店鋪真的很得尊重,不是嗎?

28-32 Pentonville Road
N1 9HJ


13 July 2014

“Gem in Valencia - Sebastian Melmoth”

“Gem in Valencia - Sebastian Melmoth”

Although Valencia is not a big city, all the main attractions are within walking distance, it definitely one of the shiniest cities in the Europe! You could discover something different from the other places; not the chains but individually running shops. The small boutiques are the gems in the city.

“Sebastian Melmoth” is one of those, located at the street “Calle San Fernando” which is right next to the central market. The shop itself is not big, but full of surprising items from all over the world. The items pop out from the clean and white painted wall and wooden stands. “Sebastian Melmoth” got a quite wide range of products from home ware, stationeries to fashion accessories etc. Walking around the shop as if you are travelling around the world of the shop owner. Besides, the owner has a good taste of music, when you look further down the CD stand; you would be able to find the her vocal disc! And I was amazed by her beautiful voice when she started playing it.

Laura - the shop owner is so friendly, not only playing her vocal disc after we requested to hear that lol; she also invited us to take a photo in front of her cozy shop. With more beautiful experiences like this, I am dedicated into Valencia more than ever!

華倫西亞的寶石 - Sebastian Melmoth”

雖然華倫西亞不是一個十分大的城市,所有景點與主要建築物都可以雙腿代步,但城充滿著一間又一間的小店。這些獨立運作的店鋪造就了華倫西亞的獨特性 還沒有被大型連鎖店入侵,並且保持著各自的個性。

“Sebastian Melmoth” 就是其中一個表表者,店鋪座立於central market 旁的街Calle San Fernando”。店鋪本身雖不大,但臥虎藏龍的她擺放著店主從世界各地搜集回來的物品,從家品、文具到時裝配飾都應有盡有。所以貨品在店鋪簡單的裝修襯托下,顯得十分特出!漫步在店中,有如置身於店主的品味世界中。


"Laura and me / Laura與我"

"Outside Sebastian Melmoth / Sebastian Melmoth 的外面"

04 July 2014

"Piece of Valencia"

"Piece of Valencia"

Black always goes right with every single color, even the sky blue. In the country of Sun, I got the black basic sporty top with sky blue shorts and the never die socks brand - Happy Socks! The master of socks plays the best collage of color and pattern on the earth. Less is more, a piece of eye – catching item is good enough to complete an outfit.

P.S. Spain is always my favorite country. This is a country that fills with passion, fresh food, warm welcoming people and of course the sunlight! After the 7 days break in Valencia, it apparently refreshes me from the routine life xx I will definitely go back again!


黑色與其他顏色走在一起永遠都配搭得宜,就算淺如天藍亦沒有問題。在熱辣辣的華倫西亞,選了黑色運動款式的上衣配上淺藍色牛仔短褲。另外,再穿上襪皇之皇 – Happy Socks! 其實只要選擇得宜,一件出色的衣飾就能夠成就了整個造型!

P.S. 西班牙充滿著熱情、新鮮的食物、親切的人們以及當然少不了的陽光啦!經過7天的心靈洗滌,整個人簡直重生了!華倫西亞,我一定會再來的!

"Wearing socks from Happy Socks and top from Topman"