13 July 2014

“Gem in Valencia - Sebastian Melmoth”

“Gem in Valencia - Sebastian Melmoth”

Although Valencia is not a big city, all the main attractions are within walking distance, it definitely one of the shiniest cities in the Europe! You could discover something different from the other places; not the chains but individually running shops. The small boutiques are the gems in the city.

“Sebastian Melmoth” is one of those, located at the street “Calle San Fernando” which is right next to the central market. The shop itself is not big, but full of surprising items from all over the world. The items pop out from the clean and white painted wall and wooden stands. “Sebastian Melmoth” got a quite wide range of products from home ware, stationeries to fashion accessories etc. Walking around the shop as if you are travelling around the world of the shop owner. Besides, the owner has a good taste of music, when you look further down the CD stand; you would be able to find the her vocal disc! And I was amazed by her beautiful voice when she started playing it.

Laura - the shop owner is so friendly, not only playing her vocal disc after we requested to hear that lol; she also invited us to take a photo in front of her cozy shop. With more beautiful experiences like this, I am dedicated into Valencia more than ever!

華倫西亞的寶石 - Sebastian Melmoth”

雖然華倫西亞不是一個十分大的城市,所有景點與主要建築物都可以雙腿代步,但城充滿著一間又一間的小店。這些獨立運作的店鋪造就了華倫西亞的獨特性 還沒有被大型連鎖店入侵,並且保持著各自的個性。

“Sebastian Melmoth” 就是其中一個表表者,店鋪座立於central market 旁的街Calle San Fernando”。店鋪本身雖不大,但臥虎藏龍的她擺放著店主從世界各地搜集回來的物品,從家品、文具到時裝配飾都應有盡有。所以貨品在店鋪簡單的裝修襯托下,顯得十分特出!漫步在店中,有如置身於店主的品味世界中。


"Laura and me / Laura與我"

"Outside Sebastian Melmoth / Sebastian Melmoth 的外面"

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  1. NOT a big city? Lol... I think you only took a walk in center Valencia...