10 February 2015

”Hidden gem in Camden, awesome coffee! - By The Roundhouse”

” Camden Town的隱世咖啡店 By The Roundhouse”

從來都對Camden Market 沒有特別的好感⋯⋯因為太多人、太多遊客,賣的都是女人街貨飾,所以如沒有特別原因都不會拜訪。但今天因為工作關係在Camden Town偶爾發現了一間感覺舒適的咖啡店,大家可以一訪呀。

By The Roundhouse 就在Chalk Farm Road 一直向前行,離Camden Market 只有大約5分鐘的步程。店鋪採用柔和的黃燈,裝修簡單。畢竟是咖啡店嘛,食物才是重點!他們的飲品質素甚高,當天點了Chai Latte,口感比外面的還要豐富,味道更香濃。而且食品定價亦十分合理。值得推介推介!

”Hidden gem in Camden, awesome coffee! - By The Roundhouse”

Frankly speaking, I am not a fans of Camden Market at all… it always full of tourists and the shops sell very typical “tourist” stuffs too. I won’t go there normally unless if there’s a need. Because of work, I passed by Camden and found a hidden gem randomly today.

”By The Roundhouse” is a cozy café located further down the Chalk Farm Road, it is just literally 5 minutes walk from the Camden market. I do like the warmth lighting with simply decorated interior of ”By The Roundhouse”. Quality of food and brevage are always the main issue for a proper café. I ordered the Chai Latte, it just tasted so rich and delicious that you probably can’t find from the other places. I think there’s no excuse to miss this affordable and excellent café. Aaaaw, recommended!

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