17 June 2014

"A piece of Bristol"

"A piece of Bristol"

Couple of weeks before, I was off to Bristol for 2 days, fair enough as a short break, isn't? General speaking, I was surprised by this seaside city. Despite the warm - welcoming residents, there are quite couple of well-established museums that amused me in this medium-sized city.

“M shield” and “Bristol Museum and Art Gallery” are two of my favorite among all of them. M shield was a historical wharf and now a museum that tells about the history of Bristol itself. Literally, I am not a super fan of history, but the amazing interactive props were a great way to present the “boring” history. That was the longest time that I had ever stayed in a history museum lol. Getting tired after the visitation of the museum? A cozy café with outdoor seats is waiting for you. Can you imagine how relax you could be, if you would have a coffee facing a beautiful harbor…OMG, that’s life! (Sorry, my Asian background again! I am totally obsessed with the enjoyable life style here x)

“Bristol Museum and Art Gallery” is another gem in Bristol. This antique museum has quite a wide range of galleries, from the wild life, world history to art and design. Personally, I do enjoy the art gallery sections. Why? Because on the day that I had visited, there was an exhibition – Jeremy Deller: English Magic. This Turner Prize winning artist’s pieces were wicked! I was completely out of breath when I looked at the wall - sized paintings! Please do look at the painting strokes of his pieces; you would definitely feel the same as mine. The exhibition lasts from 12 April – 21 September 2014. Come on! Fashion and design lovers, it is definitely worth to pay a visit.

After spending 2 days in Bristol, I completely understand why Bristol is selected to be one of the best cities to live in the UK.

Stay tuned! More about Bristol will be posted. xx

"Bristol 絮語"

星期前到了倫敦西面的沿海城市 - Bristol 個短途旅行,待在倫敦太久,也有想出走的念頭啊!(在港的朋友,可不要打我啊~~)個人十分喜愛這個面積不大的城市,為什麼?除了當地熱情的居民、那些可以雙腿直達的壯麗自然景觀外,還因為那裡有個欣賞度極高的博物館。

Bristol眾多博物館中,個人特別鍾情於 M Shield 及 Bristol Museum & Art GalleryM Shield的前身是一個歷史悠久的船艙碼頭,現則成了講述Bristol自身歷史文化的博物館。雖然我從不是一個歷史迷,但 M Shield內那些互動感十足的道具,造就我逗留在歷史博物館最長的一個記錄!行累了還有一間十分舒適的café,坐在兔子耳朵形狀的椅子,喝著咖啡,面對仿佛刻上舒適”2字的碼頭,不禁回想,人生追求的不就是如此嗎?(對不起,生活只有追趕跑跳的香港人通病發作了⋯⋯)

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery”Bristol 另一瑰寶,這個古堡般建築的博物館有著不同類型的展品,從自然生態、世界歷史到藝術與設計都應有盡有,正因如此,Bristol Museum & Art Gallery”十分受家庭歡迎。到訪當天,館中有一個吸引眼球度爆燈的展覽 - Jeremy Deller: English Magic,這個Turner Award得主的作品,有著令人窒息的本質。尤其是當中幾幅大如牆壁般的作品,看著他的筆觸,真心佩服這藝術家!這展覽從現在開放至2014921日,喜歡設計與時裝的人,絕對不容錯過這個展覽,更何況是免費入場,沒有不去的籍口吧。

雖然只在Bristol 待了2天,但已經明白到為什麼這座城市能夠成為全英國其中一個最適宜居住的地方!

Bristol待續 ; )

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